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The saying the trend is your friend is based on the philosophy that if a security is experiencing a series of higher highs and we see the volume of shares traded rising, will naturally support further price increases


Over time a clear pattern of pricing becomes evident...

A trend ultimately tries to project future pricing, based on historical or past data. This would suggest that the timing of entry is vital to the performance of the investment. The timing of purchase and predetermined sale is established through measured analysis. Any investment idea must pay heed to where a stock’s price trades, at the time of intended entry of funds. Moreover, we are able to see a reasonably clear point for exit.

Generally, we are looking for points of support and resistance in pricing, alternatively known as market highs and lows where prices struggle to break. The market needs good reason to support continual price increases in a security, commodity or derivative.

As a result offering investors the ability to experience superior financial performance whilst also managing to provide progressive external results like taxation, all in the safest manner possible.

Determine a solid point of entry…

The strength of the move will be determined on the quality of the event, perhaps an announcement from The European Central Bank or Bank of England regarding economic progression, alternatively, this could surround a stock’s new product launch or service, an earnings report to market, or possibly news of an impending merger or acquisition.

The performance seen is typically measurable compared to similar events the market has experienced historically. Such events and pricing catalysts can help us determine a more solid point of entry and permit us to assist the investor maximize the potential pricing move.

Our role as professional advisors is in showing absolute responsibility to our customer’s capital ensuring we are able to maximize profits by acting at the most pivotal of times, in the safest manner possible, allowing for customer capital protection is always first and foremost.

Fundamental Research & Technical Analysis

The Research team at Kingsman Investment Limited will always ensure specific criteria are clear and in evidence before any financial decision is made. Factors such as:

  • A Proprietary Product or Service
  • Superior Fundamentals
  • The stock’s ability to generate greater earnings
  • A management with a proven track record of success

Along with varying other associated factors.

At this point we will then seek confirmation from our Strategic team that we have indeed found the perfect asset vehicle to permit Kingsman Investment Limited to be able to best preserve and grow our customer’s capital. The investments we participate in are more often than not in partnership with our client’s funds.

Ultimately, we are seeking to ensure the company is continually moving forward, growing with the view to expansion and further development. This combined with a healthy dividend income sustained by a growing resource of on-hand cash; we can therefore turn our attention to the more technical side of stock analysis for a more considered approach to timely entry.

What does it all mean?

You may heard of terms like MACD or Moving Averages, Stochastic Signals, RSI, Volume and thought, what does it all mean?

Well, simply, these tools are highly and widely regarded by investors, analysts and traders to assist gauge the current strength of the assets price and likelihood in trend continuation.

These tools for want of another word have been developed to assist even the most average of Joe public, to be able to sense the right time to pull the proverbial trigger, based on the strength of the index perhaps, the volatility of a security, momentum and trend confirmation.

Patience can be of the essence, but there are times when a stock or fund or index is offering prominent signals to act. Unfortunately, under today’s market and economic education on offer, often to those who require it most, it is just not part of today’s financial culture. This naturally brings the reliance of industry professionals to best serve a client’s needs. As professional advisors we see dreams as simply goals with deadlines.

A timeline or dedicated investment plan is required to match reasonable objectives to ensure we achieve to fulfill your future commitments. We use a number of industry models and frameworks which commonly known as top down approach. After every effort is made to give detailed evaluation to the expected performance within set timeframes.

Fact is, with this being a much more mature environment; the set-&-forget strategies which have been so successful in the past are simply not cutting it today without the support of additional strategies applied, offering further benefit in with market conditions. Given this fact, to remain ever flexible we at Kingsman Investment Limited prefer to complement our funds with a stock select strategy based on an impending action within capital markets.

When our decisions prove successful, Kingsman Investment Limited reaps major strategic and operational advantages permitting geographical expansion, sustaining and enhancing our reputation for continued growth. More importantly, you have peace of mind that your financial future is structured to your specification and needs.

Our teams of dedicated professional advisors are committed and available to accommodate all of your financial needs through public and private markets. With 20 years’ experience and expertise in maintaining and managing retirement funds, incorporating standard and improved wealth and estate management approaches, financial planning, strategies whilst utilizing a host of philosophies to ensure any portfolio is able to act in harmony with market conditions experienced. Stock and fund selection is exercised on a conservative basis until we can see that investor(s) is able to feel comfortable and secure when making any decision to his or hers financial structuring, understanding true level of caution and tolerance is a critical part to an investors education and career.

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