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Understanding the market

At Kingsman Investment Limited, we generate a focused selection of regular Economic Research and Market Analysis reports in order that we are able to stay ahead of current trends and analytical maintenance in identifying suitable strategies and asset vehicles whilst locating key data to validate our premise.

Key deliverables

  • Macro-economic reports in order that we are able to stay ahead of current trends

  • Analytical maintenance in identifying suitable asset vehicles

  • Locating an developing key data to validate our premise

In all these services, teams from our various departments work closely together to deliver results.

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Research Reports

Kingsman Investment Limited generates a focused selection of regular Economic Research and Market Analysis reports:

  • Reports that are conducted daily to monitor all relevant economic and market data

  • Monthly, quarterly and annual reporting being essential in covering economic updates, market tends and a review of major asset classes.

Equity research reports will vary in the level of detail that is included. There is no industry format, however, comprehensive and effective equity reports will hold common elements. There are numerous fundamental features and information criteria that will be considered as essential to equity reporting, ensuring they are effective in purpose.

Basic information about the company will include:

  • Company Ticker Symbol

  • Exchange Platform (upon which it trades its shares)

  • Stock Price (at time of publication)

  • Market Capitalization (at time of publication)

  • Security Liquidity and Float

  • Stocks Target Price (often projected)

An investment summary will include:

  • Description of the Company

  • Recent Major Developments

  • Earnings Forecast

  • Valuation Summary

  • Recommended Broker Action

  • Recommendation of Purchase, Hold or Sale

  • Clear and Precise Explanations why the Recommendation is being Delivered

A detailed business description of the company and its products and services should give a clear understanding of the company’s fundamentals, these should include:

  • Key Revenue Drivers

  • Reasonable Performance Expectations

The company’s management and governance is also typically assessed, with the management and board’s track record of capital allocation.

An industry overview and evaluation of where the company is in regards to its peers, looking at industry dynamics, including competitive analysis of industry and sector.

A detailed valuation of the company using standard valuation metrics and formulas is essential. Valuation model outputs can vary and so using more than one valuation is recommended.

A section to include:
  • Detailed Financial Analysis of the Company’s Financial Historic Performance

  • Future Performance Forecast

Essentially we are looking to understand the company's underlying financial reality as stocks financial results can be manipulated to portray a more favorable outlook.

Understand the market

The stock market is an immense framework where publicly traded companies trade their outstanding shares at market. Shares are issued and sold at a designated market price which is to be considered the representation of fair value in exchange for monetary value to the investor and intended shareholder. The investor purchases believing the asset will hold greater future value than that being traded and offered in price today.

Another factor the investor should be acutely aware of is making sure purchase and sale is based on price and at a time in which reduces the prospect of investing or holding an asset about to experience any period of uncertainty likely to become a reality. Shares are bought and for a period of time held, before typically being later sold back to market with a view to sharing in the capital increase seen in price change. This can later become more complex when an investor is looking to harmonize or change in direction of portfolio philosophy.

The key to successful investing is in applying asset capital preservation strategies in preparation of weaker economic times, ensuring portfolio structure is resilient to market headwinds, offering strength in more difficult times. Conversely, asset capital appreciation strategies, when markets and economies are strong with the bulls charging down the bears in rallies to the upside, producing above average growth. Either way we develop appropriate strategies that permit us to take full advantage of our asset capital whilst investing under conditions acceptable to us as investors.

The overall market framework consists of thousands of companies, invested in by millions of market participants worldwide, who purchase stakes in their desired choice of public trading company stock available to them, dependent on investors’ level of caution with hypothesis of projected growth, at the price and time of purchase and point of sale.

When such a diverse community of people with the size and depth in volume to match, you need the expertise to be able to read through all the noise and jargon proceeding with the explicit facts, this being quality confirmed information. An investment should only ever be made with a good understanding of the stock within its industry whilst noting the overall sector. The important point to note here, even before we employ our natural intelligence of logic and good common sense, it is crucial that we remember to leave emotion at the door, more notably fear and greed.

The expertise required is ensuring that we select a responsible point of entry, doing the right thing at the right price, at the right time, in preparation of the stock price coming good. Ideally not when the crowd is hustling and volatility excessive, rather being better prepared and armed with quality confirmed information and using it to be first at the table with time to spare before the crowd follows suit. Our intention is to hold until we have reached our perfected and preselected point of sale, where we can comfortably count our profits.

Consequently, investing under conditions which are acceptable to us, the investor and the prospective shareholder.

The economic environment we see today is made up of macro criteria moving at a pace which is a great deal quicker than we have seen before. World economies are evening out whilst political and economic turmoil is seen increasing almost everywhere we look, ultimately providing even more impetus to an ever active financial market performance.

An investing philosophy, requires investors and shareholders to seek and successfully identify stock assets that will offer an above average rate of growth for the year ahead with of course a view toward the intermediate-to-long-term time perspective too.

The performance of markets today dictate that we must remain flexible, making room for something new is part and parcel of today’s market cycles. However, with a competent approach under confident execution, having strict planning of points to be covered until funds are entered, under comprehensive planning in order that we are able to maximize profits in the safest manner possible, at the most opportune time.

The design, development and being able to consistently flow with market adjustments, at each quarterly review compliments our approach, with gains secured consistently above our benchmark (S&P500). Demonstrating progressive research and preparation of entry and exit is integral to capital performance. Therefore, we are that much better arranged to ensure we are able, at all times, to best align ourselves to that of our customer’s commitments and future objectives.

When conditions for entry of capital funds are acceptable and when armed with predetermined points for exit in mind, a strategy of cost averaging our position with regards to intended total allocation, as and when price permits will encourage a far better performance. This is all to best ensure we reach and maximize our goals regardless of accompanying market and overall economic conditions.

In summary, entry and exit comes down to recognizing pricing points that clearly highlight ‘weak buyers from the strong’ and naturally, vice versa, the ‘weak sellers from the strong sellers’. This is usually established in the success of the negotiation (bull – bear tussle in pricing pressure seen on period candle) based on the vertical size and volume of the contract on the table. The ultimate transaction, no matter how laborious or protracted will always derive from two very simple yet vital ingredients, which when combined become catalysts of performance; Price and Timing, our only true guide to representation of value.

Kingsman Investment Limited experienced team of skilled advisors and portfolio managers consider every aspect of today’s complex financial environment, appreciating both past and present financial milieu. It is precisely this understanding which helps us to ensure our clients receive whatever assistance necessary in striving towards our ultimate goal of wealth acquisition.

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