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Kingsman Investment Limited is a recognized Hong Kong based manager of private and institutional invested capital. At Kingsman Investment Limited we place significant emphasis on Financial Intelligence.

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Kingsman Investment Limited has emerging market knowledge and extensive industry experience which enables us to build successful, long standing and mutually respected client relations.

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Kingsman Investment Limited invest in a diverse range of Equity Growth Opportunities, not missing out on companies that are sometimes over looked and / or undervalued.

Who are we

The management team and the workforce alike is fortunate to have the rare and valuable combination of both operational and investment capabilities.

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Bespoke, personal portfolio structuring to maintain perfect Financial equilibrium

About Kingsman Investment

With over 24 years of industry experience gained to date, we are delighted at our consistent growth and progress having built the company from the ground up. We have achieved this by continually investing in our staff who are the real driving force behind Kingsman Investment Limited and the key to our past, present and future success.


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With years of industry experience, Kingsman Investment Limited’s team is ready to work with you to help you access institutional level transactions, whether you are a major fund manager or a private investor.

About Us - Financial Intelligence

Kingsman Investment Limited invests across a diverse field of market places and industry sectors within a global forum. The specific type and / or location of each investment opportunity is of no relevance to our in house experts. Our main objective is simple and based on risk verses reward ratios, any move or recommendation made by ourselves to our clients on this basis ensures them consistent returns and, in so doing, furthers the reputation and profitability of our company.

Kingsman Investment Limited conducts vital day to day activities and services for our clients. We are always available to assist and advise our clients wherever required both in terms of their existing investment portfolio, but also in said portfolios growth, aiming to capitalize on the diversity the global market place has to offer at all times.

Our knowledge and experience of the telecommunications market is second to none and in the last 24 months we have taken full advantage of investing in the sectors providers, its cellular towers and the rapidly evolving technology which is wireless data.

Within the materials market, global agricultural demand has provided the company and our client’s solid returns, as has gold, the global reserve currency, which has continued to surprise even the most experienced investor.

Kingsman Investment Limited’s vast and wide ranging knowledge of the industrial markets has allowed us to capitalize on China's substantial growth and development for both ourselves and our clients.

Within the energy markets we continue to successfully identify and take financial advantage of companies using new technologies such as the latest drilling techniques, and of course, the ever increasing demand for natural gas which is slowly but steadily replacing the use of petrol in almost every corner of the globe.

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